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 Commissioned, and Semi-Commissioned Art Work

What is Commissioned Art Work?
Commissioned Art Work is a piece of art work that is a custom design  created specifically for the customer. Commissioned Art Work starts at  $200.00, while T-shirt and Logo designs start at $300.00.

What is Semi-Commissioned Art Work?
Semi-Commissioned Art Work is a piece of art work that is based on a drawing that I have already done and is then modified to better represent the image that the customer wants.  A semi-commission can only show the modified image in the same basic angle (or 180 degrees opposite) of the drawing it is based on.  The price for a semi-commissioned piece is based on the difficulty, and number of modifications required, but is usually less than half the cost of a what a commissioned drawing would be.

All of my commissioned and semi-commissioned art work designs will be  produced by utilizing a technique that combines my own personal hand  drawing skills with the use of various computerized art programs. The  completed designs will then be shipped to you either electronically, or  printed on heavy weight white card stock at 11x14 inches, and shipped  conventionally. If a drawing is printed out and shipped, an additional  $15.00 will be added to the cost.

Although I allow my customers a great deal of latitude in how they use an image that I design for them, I shall retain the copyright to said image.  If the customer wants to own the copyright to said image, then a purchase agreement for the copyright must be reached between myself and the customer.

These Images are some examples of semi commissioned art work that I have done in the past

The sizes are 11x14 inches.