Prints & T-shirts

 If you would like to purchase a print or T-Shirt, please send me an email to: cartoonsrwayne1@yahoo.comPrints

Full color prints of just about any the images you'll ever see on my site are available for purchase. Unlimited edition prints come as electronic images or they can be  printed out on white, heavyweight card stock. With any single order of  unlimited edition prints, if you purchase five of them you get a sixth  one (of your choice) free.

The electronic prints are sent to you as images you can download  yourself in both JPEG and PDF at 11x14inches. They are sent two  different ways because certain printers have their own preferences in  the files they use. Once they are downloaded, you can take them to your  favorite shop to have them printed out in just about whatever size you  choose, and also on the material of your choice.

A customer can also choose to have me print the images out. If that is  the case, I will have them printed on heavy weight white card stock at  11x4 inches. These prints are priced at $25.00, and the shipping charges  would have to be added as well.

All T-shirts are made of white heavyweight, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton and  the images are printed with the “Direct to Garment” printing process.  The images are exact copies of the ones shown on the site, once applied  to the shirt they blend right into the fabric. The standard shirt will  have a smaller image on the left front breast, and a large image on the  back. They can also be ordered with just a large image on the front or  back.

The price is $16.00 for anything ranging from a child size Small up to an adult XL. 2XL thru 5XL are $21.00.

Prices do not include shipping.